Resources for Exploring the Urantia Book

Imagine him speaking in ancient synagogues in Israel, Greek cities in Jordan, and Phoenician cities of Lebanon; walking with his followers through the unique ecological environment of the Jordan rift valley—the settings for this dramatic documentary.

This acclaimed film provides in-depth background on the historical, social, political, and religious world of the most controversial figure in human history.

Re-Imagining Jesus explores the story of the man behind the religion which grew up about him, a man whose life has forever changed the art, literature, ethics, morality, philosophy and religion of the world. What was it that so electrified the people and terrified the religious authorities?

Based on the new biography of Jesus in The Urantia Book.

Full script online at: urantia-book-films.org/education/re-imagining-jesus-script.htm

Spanish with Portuguese Captions

After the Resurrection

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