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Operational diagram of Urantia Book Films

Urantia Book Films is a marketing and promotion name used by The Joshua ben Joseph Project. The project is sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Spiritual Fellowship, a non-profit religious association of readers of The Urantia Book in Colorado, USA.

The Joshua ben Joseph project seeks to promote a deeper understanding of Jesus, his teachings, and his mission to our world through the medium of film/video. A secondary objective is to interest people in discovering and exploring The Urantia Book and creating an association in the mind of the public that The Urantia Book is a book about Jesus.

At present the primary distribution medium for Urantia Book Films productions is social media and the activities of individual readers of the book.

Urantia Book Films is based on a network of interested media professionals and individuals who contribute to content creation distributed over a growing social media network.

Content is produced in both English and Spanish language versions. See our Index of Video Productions

This website also provides a growing archive of background material for ministers and readers who want to be more fully involved in sharing The Urantia Book with a larger public. See our ministry resources or peruse our educational background archive which provides additional orientation for revelation stewardship.


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